Walking Around Buenos Aires Centro

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General San Martin Statute in the Plaza

By now my Dad has posted his description of our little walk to lunch today in Buenos Aires.  It was a lot of fun to walk in such an interesting city.  There is a lot of European architecture.  My Dad calls it a mix of “Belle Epoque” and “Fin de Seicle”.  There are wide streets and lots of parks.  We walked past my Dad’s old apartment hotel building where he lived back in the mid 90’s in Buenos Aires.  He calls the city BA and the people who are born and live here are called portenos.  We had pizza at El Cuartito but I didn’t like it as well as Mrs. deCroce’s pizza because the cheesse (queso) was different.  I saw Avenida Florida a long pedestrian mall with shops, vendors and restaurants.  Then we crossed Avenida Nueve de Julio (9th of July, Independence Day for Argentina) the widest street in the world.  So far, we are enjoying the city.  It is very hot (95F today) and very crowded since it is summer here and people are on vactions and schools are out.

Tonight we are going to the Recoleta (a wealthy district where there is a cemetary where Eva Peron is buried).  We are going to have cold drinks and maybe lemon pie under the 200 year old gum tree at La Biela.  More after that.

Frederick (the call me Frederico here in Argentina).

My Dad and I on Avenida Florida

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