Boarding The S. S. Veendam

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The Port of Buenos Aires from our Room

The Traffic of Lorries, Buses, Motor Bikes and People at The Port

My Dad woke me up around 7:30am and we all got ready for breakfast downstairs in the hotel.  Then he and I walked over to Posadas to find an apothecaria because he had forgotten his razor.  This was the same pharmacy he used when he lived here and it hadn’t changed much.

When we got back he went and checked our bags for the bus to the ship in the port.  We got on bus number 1 and it only took a few minutes to get to the port go through immigration and get our boarding credentials including having our picture taken for security.  Everytime you leave the ship they swipe this littel card and your picture comes up on the computer.  That way no one can steal it and then try to sneak on board.  They also took our passports.

We boarded the ship and found all kinds of champaigne and fruit that they had given us because we are members of the Mariner’s Society and use American Express.  When I grow up I want to use American Express too.

The suite we have is nice.  It has a large verandah and my dad and mom want to eat on there tomorrow night after we leave Montevideo.  Right now we are still in Buenos Aires and will not leave until 9pm.  At 5pm we have our life boat and safety drill.  You have to wear a life vest for it and I have don this before.

Here are some pictures of us on the bus, the traffic at the port and the view of the port from the ship.  More tomorrow.


I miss my friends at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. [Frederick]

Mom and I on The Bus to The Port


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