Palermo and Bar 6

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Back in June, last summer, while we were in Belgium, my mom got an invitation to a baptism, here in BA, in March of 2011. There was all the relevant information except the last name of the parents – Patrick and Alejandera. She didn’t know which Patrick since she has several relatives and friends named Patrick. She knew that the baptism would be held at Bascilica Spiritu Sancto in the Parriquia Nuestra de Senora Guadulupe in the Palermo district of Buesno Aires.

So, last night, instead of going right to La Biela, in the Recoleta, we decided to go to the rectory of the church and find out who Patrick is. It turns out that he is the friend she suspected but was not sure. We were told he and his wife live in Belgium and are only coming back to baptise their son. Alejandera is from Palermo and her Mother still lives there.

We were disappointed but soon felt much better by taking a taxi to Bar 6, on Armenia in the Hollywood section of Palermo. The staff was funny, friendly and called me Frederico. We had great food and terrific Coca-Cola. Then we went to La Biela and had lemon sorbet and dad and mom a glass of champaign.

Today at 11am (Argentine time) we leave for the port to board our ship, the S. S. Veendam. More on that later.

Bar 6 Where A 7 Can Go Crazy

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