A Montevideo Walkaround

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My Mom, Dad and I decided to not take an expensive excursion offered by the cruise line but rather have lunch on board and then do a independent walkaround Montevideo. [By the way, as my Dad and I work on this post, we are watching Scotland V. France in 6 Nations Rugby on ESPNuk and France is dominating.]

We left the ship and walk along the pier to a small display of the anchor and the range finder device used by the Graf Spee which was sunk by the British navy when it tried to sneak out of its anchorage in the River Plate in 1943 during WW2. Then we walked to the esplanade which we crossed in the Mercado Puerto (Port Market) but it was quite since most of business were at siesta. Crossing the street, I tripped and cut my leg below my knee and it started to bleed. Luckily there was a farmacia up the street and we went in and the nice lady pharmacist took me into a back room, cleaned it up and put a dressing on it. The people in Montevideo are really nice and friendly. And I am fine now.

We walked up Perez Castellanos to 25 de Mayo past the Museum for Pre-Columbian Art then over past Plaza Zabala to Sarandi and then over to the Plaza Constitucion past some more cafes to Plaza Independenicia where we went into the Cathedral Metropolitano to offer a prayer for our men and women in uniform. It was a long walk but we saw lots of beautiful old colonial architecture which my mom took lots of pictures. We stopped at a corner Freddo for ice cream and I had a lemon sorbet, my dad had a bastido (sorbet mash) and mom a little water. Then we walked back to the ship.

Montevideo is old, but well kept and has very interesting views down the steets to the sea on two sides.

Now we are back on the ship and we are having dinner outside on our verandah tonight since it will still be nice and warm before we enter the weather of the south Atlantic.

This is Frederick and I hope Green Bay wins the Super Bowl.

Me, by The Range Finder off the Graf Spee, recovered from the Sea in 1993.

Pulling Cable Along Ave. Sarandi

Mom and I in Front of The S.S. Veendam, Our Ship

3 thoughts on “A Montevideo Walkaround

  1. Frederick – Today I read the entire blog for his first time. I think your blog is cool especially the photos.

    The Comets played better yesterday but we still lost 4-1. Everyone missed you!

    Please keep the blog entries coming….


  2. 7 Feb 11


    A great adventure !

    Keep your eyes open–“cruise rules apply.”

    Ah well, if you support Scotland, as they say, “Prepare to be disappointed.”

    Take good care,

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