Montevideo Harbor

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Today, we came into Montevideo, Uruguay, which is just down the River Plate from Buenos Aires. Aound 7:30am, the harbor pilot came on board to handle the ship into the port. He comes by a boat that pulls alongside and he then climbs up a special ladder to the hatchway that lets him in. We took a picture of his boat as it came by. Then outside the harbor out in the deepest part of the river were many ships at anchor. They were empty, my dad said becasue they were high in the water.

When we came in the harbor, toward our pier, we saw a whole bunch of Uruguayan Navy vessels, gunboats, destroyers, oilers and LST’s. My dad says they are probably a reserve flotilla or the Uruguayan’s are not expecting someone to invade them soon.

We are going into the city to walk around the old town and go to the first church we see to pray for everyone, especially our men and women in uniform that are in harm’s way.

This is Frederick and I am learning a lot.

Ships At Anchor in Mouth of River Plate

The Harbor Pilot for Montevideo's Boat

The Uruguayan Navy in Port in Montevideo

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