In The South Atlantic

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We left Montevideo last evening at about 7:00pm ship’s time for 2 days at sea until we reach Port Stanley, Falkland Islands on Tuesday morning. We are currently on a heading of 206 degrees and off the coast of Mar de Plata, Argentina. We have 3 meter swells coming out of the SE and the lift and fall of the bow is about 16 feet. My dad says you need sea legs to walk the hallways or you’ll be a human pinball off the walls.

Today and yesterday, I spent a lot of time on my homework – reading, vocabulary, religion and math. Then I went to Club HAL which is where the other kids gather and we have lots of fun. Last night we camped out in a tent and told scary stories to each other. I also went swimming yesterday with my Mom and Dad. My new friend Grace was there. She is 11 but we get along fine. She thinks I am smart becaue I knew who Darwin was and what the Beagle Channel means.

The sun is up and the weather is nice, not as hot as BA and Montevideo but it is not cold.

I hope to publish some pictures from my Mom. She took a lot of pictures in Montevideo which has a lot of old architecture.

This is Frederick and I am celebrating Sunday with my Dad on his birthday. He told me that President Reagan, Babe Ruth and Superman were all born on February 6th. I have to look that up!

One thought on “In The South Atlantic

  1. Frederick,
    I think you Dad is right! Happy Birthday Jack!

    You are one very lucky kid! And, you write so well!
    Enjoy. Great pics.

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