The Endless Deep Blue Sea

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We have a cabin on the starboard side of the ship (that is the right side for you landlubbers). All we can see is ocean, lots of ocean, huge amounts of water, nothing else except the sky, clouds and sun. Currently, we are on a heading of 184 degrees at 45 15.59″ S and 56 51.11″ W with a speed of 19.6kts and an apparent wind of 16mph out of the NW.  The outside temperature is 57F.

I told my dad what to post today because I am in Club HAL with other kids. There is a boy from Brazil who only speaks Portuguese, another boy from Mexico who speaks very good english and some girls but they are only 4 years old. One girl, Grace, is 11 and has become my friend. At Club HAL we do lots of different things like make oragami, and door knob hangers as well as play legos and art. Then I also have to keep up with my school work. Today I have a lot of reading, math and science.

Tomorrow we arrive in Port Stanley, The Falkland Islands. We are first going to walk around and visit the museum. Then at 12:30 ship’s time we are taking a 4X4 out to the Bluff Cove Penguin Rookery where we hope to see lots of these great looking animals. I will make sure to take lots of pictures for everyone to see.

Because of the tentative nature of the Marine Sat we have low speed and makes it hard to post videos but we will give a try tomorrow to see if it works.

This is Frederick and I am blogging from the South Atlantic aboard the S.S. Veendam.

View of the Bridge Extension and The Endless Sea from Our Verandah

That's Me in Club HAL.

2 thoughts on “The Endless Deep Blue Sea

  1. make sure you ask what kind of penguins they are, young Frederick. And remember, they’re funny and cute, but they smell funny too. That’s what happens when you eat anchovies all the time.

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