Approaching Port Stanley, The Falkland Islands

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This morning it is partly cloudy and chilly. We are approachging Port Stanley, The Falkland Islands on a heading of 220 degrees at a position of 51 37.39″ S and 57 38.13″ W. We are running at 18.1kts with a following wind of 11mph.

I will post more after our visit to town and the penguin rookery.

Last night I went to the movies with my friend Scott and his parents. He is from Canada and wears wheelies which are shoes with roller wheels on the heels. He can do all kinds of tricks on them. When I came back from the movies I found that Imam, our steward, had made me a Peacock by folding the towels in different shapes. Imam is from Indonesia and has three daughters waiting for him to return. His leave starts on the 16th of February when he flies out of Santiago back to Indonesia.

This is Frederick and I am ready to meet the Penguins.

Imam, our Indonesian Steward Made a Peacock for Me out of Towels

Approaching Port Stanley with Volunteer Point in the Background

The West Falkland Headlands with Mt. Pleasant in Background

5 thoughts on “Approaching Port Stanley, The Falkland Islands

  1. Frederick,

    Since you have an Indonesian Steward would you please mind learning how to say “Thank You” in Indonesian. In the nearby country of Malaysia it is something like “thury-ma-kasay”, so that may help. If you do find out please post it here. Thanks, and hope you’re having a wonderful time.

    Great pictures.

  2. What ship’s deck are you on, and are you forward or aft? Ask Imam to make a monkey for you .

    Great posts so we can travel with you.

  3. Frederick, thank you for taking the time to describe your trip and your impressions to us. You do yourself a favor. Forty years from now these notes will be the best way for you to recall your thoughts and feelings. You can be very proud of what you are doing.


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