Port Stanley Walkaround, February 8th

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My Dad Calls it "narciso" but To Me it's A Harpoon.

Not Exactly a Tianamen Square Moment

The Mizzenmast from the ship Great Britan now on Display in Bristol

Today we pulled into a little cove outside of Port Stanley to anchor the ship.  The Stanley harbor is not dredged deep enough to take large cruise ships.  So, we had to use the ship’s tenders, for a 15-minute ride to the pier.  Once there I told my dad that I wanted a hot dog (it was only 9AM but I didn’t like my breakfast).  There is a little open snack stand at the pier with a nice lady who speaks like she is from England.  After the hot dog we went into the visitor’s center and picked up a more detailed map and booklet about Stanley and The Falklands.

We decided to walk down Ross Road, the main street along the sea front, and just take pictures, explore what was there and go to the museum down at the end.  We saw Christ Church Cathedral (the main Anglican church), that has 4 huge Blue Whale jaw bones outside, and we went inside to visit Then we said a small prayer.  We then came upon a small park area on the seafront with old cannons and the mizzenmast from the ship Great Britain, which was the first iron ship with steam boilers and is now restored and in Bristol, UK.   We then proceeded down the road to the bank where dad got some Falkland pounds even though they take US dollars everywhere but at a higher rate.  Next-door was the Post where we bought collector’s stamp at the special philatelic shop and got some postcards to send back to my school, godmother in France, my godfather in England and my Grandfather in Belgium.  I also sent a card to my class in Florida and one to our own home as a souvenir.  Falkland Island stamps are a real collectors item, so my dad says.

We then walked by the memorial to the brave British service members killed during the Falkland War in 1982.  It is in front of Government House and facing the sea.  Next, was the Governor’s House, built by the first governor of the Falklands, in 1845.  There are beautiful gardens in front and my mom took lots of pictures of the flowers.  We passed the victory memorial to the Falklands War and finally came to the museum, which was pretty neat.  It had a lot of guns, rockets and bazookas from the war as well as Argentine Air Force helmets and old uniforms.  It also had a replica of an old country store and a dentist’s office.  Outside there were an old red telephone box, some boats and a harpoon cannon that was used on the last whaling ships.

After that visit we grabbed the shuttle bus back to the pier to find a pub to grab some food before we had to meet up for our trip to the Blue Cover Penguin Rookery.  That pub turned out to be The Globe, just up the street from the pier.  My dad had fish and chips and mom and I shared a burger and chips.  I wasn’t that hungry since I was too excited about going to the rookery.

This is Frederick and next is the biggest adventure I have ever been on.

p.s. Very slow today on the Sat.  We may have to wait until tomorrow for more.

We  are currently passing The “Isla de Los Estados” to turn up into the Beagle Channel and toward Ushuaia.

Finally, Port Stanley and the Falkland Islands.

8 thoughts on “Port Stanley Walkaround, February 8th

  1. What a great trip. I love the hot dog for breakfast! LOL!!! There is an old song with the line (I think it goes like this), “cold pizza for breakfast, in a pinch cold spaghetti will do….”
    Thank you for your prayers along the way too. God made an amazing world. I look forward to hearing about your trip to the rookery.

  2. Great post, Frederick! That harpoon looks pretty cool. (Not for whatever it’s aimed at, I’m afraid!) Great pic of you and your parents at the “Falkland Islands” sign.

  3. When you have a better connection speed, Frederick, please post a picture or two that your Mom took of the gardens. (I am a garden-a-holic!)

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