Toward Cape Horn and The Beagle Channel, February 9th 2011

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Cape Horn As We Approached it Around 8:30PM Ship's Time

Today we arrived in Ushuaia, after sailing up the Beagle Channel over-night. So, we won’t have any pictures of the Channel but will have some after we leave Ushuaia this afternoon.

When we left Port Stanley we set out on a Southwesterly direction passing closely to the Isla De Los Estados, which at one time was a penal colony. My Dad says if it was a penal colony, then the guys at Gitmo have it easy. It was the most desolate Islands I have ever seen. They are the tip of the Peninsula Mitre, of Chile. Then we continued on West Southwesterly heading toward Cape Horn. Our passage was filled with random shapes of rocks and islands that only the bird life and water life like seals could love. Very dark, cold and lonely.

It was after dinner and before dark when we came up on Cape Horn and turned right for the Beagle Channel. It started to rain and the wind picked up.

When we got back to the cabin, Imam had made a Bunny Rabbit out of the towels for me. He is so creative. Tomorrow he has promised a monkey.

My Mom got lots of great pictures, too many to post now. So, what I have posted are just a selection of what I saw. There were lots of birds and they flew close to us, as if they were welcoming us to their place. They are very brave to live in such a desolate but still beautiful place such as Cape Horn.

This is Frederick and I am learning about the Southernmost inhabited place on earth.

Imam's Latest Creation - The Bunny Rabbit

Next post is about our approach to Ushuaia and our trip up to the Glaciar Marital.

These Rocks are Just Southwest of Isla De Los Estados and Look So Lonely

As We Approached Cape Horn This Storm Petrel Appeared For Us.

About 10 Miles out of Cape Horn This Rainbow Showed Up over Some Rocks

2 thoughts on “Toward Cape Horn and The Beagle Channel, February 9th 2011

  1. Your journal is so interesting. I had to look up Ushuaia to see where it is…
    Ushuaia, Argentina – City at the End of the World. Some of the articles talked about visitors scuba diving there! I can’t imagine how COLD that would be!
    The rainbow picture is lovely…a bit of hope in all the grayness.

  2. Cool, cool, cool Frederick!

    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. What a fascinating part of the world, and thanks for letting us see it through your eyes.

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