Have You Got Glaciers?

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Waiting for me last night after our dinner was a Penguin made out of towels by our steward Imam. He told me he was making me a monkey but I like the penguin better.

We are currently on a heading of 008 degrees (N) at 8:29am ship’s time or 11:29am GMT. We are in the Straits of Magellen, heading for Punta Arenas, Chile, at 53 13.16” S and 070 48.02” W, with an apparent northerly wind of 37mph. The ship is cruising at comfortable 17.0kts.

Last afternoon, we left Ushuaia on a Southeasterly course to skirt the necklace of islands on its starboard side. Then we entered the Beagle Channel where Charles Darwin sailed on the HMS Beagle, as official naturalist, during its world voyage of 1831. On the starboard side of the ship (where our cabin is located) you see the magnificent Cordellera Darwin and its array of imposing and impressive glaciers.

It is going to be hard to identify each of them but I will try with the help of my Dad, a map and my Mom’s photographs. But it was the most beautiful natural scenery I have ever experienced. There was no sign of life except for the occasional duck floating by, sea birds soaring on the thermals and in one area of thundering waterfalls a small lodge, probably for the intrepid visitors to this remote part of our world. I can only let the pictures speak for themselves.

We only have a short interval to post and I want to share as many photos as possible. But when we get back home I will have them all up on Flickr for everyone to enjoy.

This is Frederick and I love science and have read about Darwin in my class taught by Mrs. Fazzari.

More, about our Punta Arenas walk-around later today.

Imam's Latest Twist on Towel Art, A Penguin with My Other Friends

Leaving Ushuaia with Cordellera Darwin and Glaciar Martial in Background

Glaciar Alemania. The First Large Field on The Beagle Channel out of Ushuaia

Glaciar Holanda Flowing into Caleta (Cove) Olla

The Large Imposing Glaciar Italia and its Large Flowing Field of Blue Ice

Glaciar Espana and Its Muddy Waterfall flowing into The Beagle Channel

3 thoughts on “Have You Got Glaciers?

  1. Hi Frederick,

    It really is neat seeing all those beautiful photos you post of the glaciers on Cordellera Darwin, and its also interesting that tomorrow is Darwin’s birthday (12 February 1809—same day as Abe Lincoln).

    I live in Alaska so we have glaciers too. I have a question for you about daylight. I see you are at about 53 degrees south of the equator. I live at 61 degrees north of the equator. In summertime up here, we have so much daylight, that even when the sun goes below the horizon we cannot see the stars for about 2 months. I would be interested in knowing if you can still see the stars late at night at your Latitude, or is it too bright? And if it is not too bright to see the stars I wonder if you can see the “Southern Cross” Constellation, which Magellan wrote about as being very important to help guide him when he discovered the Strait of Magellan you are riding through today. Hope you don’t mind me asking so many questions. Your blog has really made me want to visit Tierra del Fuego.

  2. Frederick,
    Your wonderful blog comes up in conversations at another blog….today we heard there was an earthquake in Chile so we are keeping you & your family in our prayers. The earthquake occurred in central Chile, so we are praying ya’ll are far enough away.
    The glacier pictures are great. They look like giant frozen rivers. Wow.
    I also enjoy seeing Imam’s creativity!
    Take care….

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