Otway Sound Penguin Rookery, February11, 2011

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A few days late in posting this summary of our trip to the Otway Sound Penguin Rookery outside of Punta Arenas. But we have had some pretty spotty Sat reception.

We are currently out to sea in the Pacific in choppy, windy seas after exiting the Chilean fjords last night. They were stunning but cold and damp. More on that later.

Otway Sound is quite a drive, about 8 kms of paved highway then 30 more miles on a dusty, gravel road through a huge estansia and sheep station. But it was well worth getting there to watch these wonderful if not comical little creatures.

We passed a large sheep station, fields full of sheep and ostrich as well as cattle. At the Rookery, you walk another 3K meters on pathways and wood boardwalks to the viewing platforms. It was very windy and cold so we didn’t spend a lot of time.

There was one interesting and humourous moment when 6 adults started to leave the rookery for their burrowing grounds up higher from the beach. They were led by one the new chicks and it was fun to watch them waddle through the fence to the dry creek bed. There the adults managed to jump down but clumisly while the chick watched. One of the adults (Momma?) stayed with the chick and tried to show it and encourage it to follow but it wouldn’t and finally turned to go back to the beach while all the other adults watched.

It was a funny, funny moment and I have video we will post for you when back.

This is Frederick and I think you can learn a lot about life from Penguins.

Tomorrow or even later today, The Chilean Fjords and the Almania Glacier.

Sheep Station on Otway Estancia - Where a Whole Lot of Shearing Goes On

This Little Bird Kept in Front of Us on the Walkway to the Rookery

Almost Two Miles of This Before the Rookery Viewing Platform

The Magellanic Penguins are Burrowers but Spend A Lot of Time By and In The Sea

These Penguins Had Just Come Back from A Swim

Six Adults and a Chick Walking to the Burrowing Grounds Above the Beach

Five Adults Jump Down to Show the Chick How it is Done

After Watching and Looking for A Shorter Fall Off, He Says, See Ya!

On Our Way Out of The Estancia We Saw This Ostrich

One thought on “Otway Sound Penguin Rookery, February11, 2011

  1. Good morning from the state of Virginia. Thanks to you, I get to read about & see pictures of penguins before I head off to church this morning!…the internet is amazing. Glad your family was unaffected by the earthquake & that ya’ll are having such a wonderful time. I meant to thank you for your prayers for our military too in Punta Arenas.
    Take care & keep us posted on your continuing adventures!

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