Some Stuff I Haven’t Posted But I Should Have

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One of The Side Altars of the Metropolitana Cathedral in Montevideo Where I Did The Stations of The Cross With My Dad

On The First Day We Had Our Boat Safety Drill and I Had to Wear This Vest

One Day As We Left Port, We Caught The Pilot Boat Coming Along Side

Here are some photos that I don’t think I have used in the previous posts. They are pictures that I like and want to share with you. Read the captions to find out where, what and when. I hope you have liked my blog and what I saw and how it made me think about the world we live in.

One thing that The Falklands, Cape Horn and the Chilean Fjords has taught me is that we are only a small piece of the design of Earth. There is so much unexplored and under no man’s control. We need to respect what we have and enjoy life to the fullest even trying to understand those things we don’t know but find intriguing and beautiful.

I really appreaciate all the comments from everyone especially the JOM community and my classmates and teachers. Keep coming back for more of my Journeys. I have only begun to explore our wonderful world.

This is Frederick and I think our world is what God has given us to better.

On Our Third Formal Night, February 13th, My Mom Caught Me Happy and Thinking

At The Chilean Naval Museum in Punta Arenas They Had This Old Diving Suit

This Magellanic Penguin At Otway Sound Almost Shook My Hand

This is Elsa, Our Taxi Driver to Otway Sound, She is Originally from Argentina

One thought on “Some Stuff I Haven’t Posted But I Should Have

  1. Have a safe trip home! Your blog has been such fun to read. It got me to dig out an old favorite book…”The Last Place on Earth”. It’s about Scott & Amundsen’s race to the South Pole. I’ve also looked up the cities you talked about, so your blog has inspired me to learn more about that part of our world. Again, have a safe trip home & thank you for sharing your adventures!

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