Cooperstown, Here We Come!

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Pilot Briefing Room Onboard The Yorktown

We are out of school tomorrow at noon. End of my 2nd grade and what a great class it was. I had the best teacher in the whole world and the best friends as classmates.

When my Dad and Mom pick me up at school tomorrow we drive a little hour to Sanford for the Auto_Train up to Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, DC) then a 7 1/2 hour drive up to Cooperstown, NY where The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum are located. This is my first time to go there and I am really excited. Saturday and Sunday is Cricket Weekend and we plan on doing lots of the activities they have planned including watching the exhibition game on Sunday.

So, I will be posting lots of new posts on my journeys and exploring our great country including New York City, Washington, DC, Colonial Williamsburg and our drive back home with a stopover in Charleston.  You can bet that while in Charleston we will visit Patriots Point and the Yorktown.  I love that place and that ship.

Until then, this is Frederick and I am going on the All-American Summer Road Trip. See ya!

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