All Aboard!

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We are at Sanford Auto-Train Station and in 10 minutes we will board our sleeping car (my Dad calls them Pullmans)No. 5241. The car is named after an ex-President of Amtrak that my Dad once knew, W. Graham Claytor. Our dinner is early, at 5:00 but thats okay with me.

Sorry no photos since my Dad left his computers in the car and only brought his iPad. Tomorrow after we arrive in Lorton at 9:30am we will head up to Cooperstown after we get the car. Sometimes you are lucky and it comes out right away. Somtimes you are not and you have to wait.

This is Frederick and I hope we are lucky tommorow.

One thought on “All Aboard!

  1. Hi Frederick. This is your “meter” Tante Patty. I just discovered your blog. This is super ! You have a beautiful and interesting trip there.
    You know how ther call the trains where you can sleep in Flemish ?

    It’s good to be able to follow your trip now. I’m kooking forward to the next travel reports. Enjoy it ! Big hug !
    Tante Patty

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