Our First Day on the Lake, Canadaroga That Is!

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Our Cottage or Cabin or home away from home.View from our porch

We have been real busy going back and forth to Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame Musem. That and the fact that the WiFi router and DSL which is maintained by the cabin’s owner has been down and finally reset and up again.

Friday, we checked in with the owners of our cottage on the lake and went to the local grocery to stock up. We stayed in an had roasted chicken and salad and just hung out looking at the beautiful lake we overlooked from our cottage.

The next day, Saturday, we went into Cooperstown and to the Hall of Fame and the Museum. It was neat. I went to the Swingting Away: Baseball and Cricket Exhibit where my great-great grandfather has his book that he gave Samuel Wright on display. Samuel Wright was the the coach of the St. Georges Cricket Club of New York that my great-great grandfather played for as a professional. His team mate was Samuel’s son, Harry who with his brother George went on to manage and star for the Cincinnati Redstockings, the first professional baseball team. Both Harry, George and my great-great grandfather’s other good friend, Henry Chadwick, are in the Hall of Fame. The book Harry gave Samuel was “Felix on the Bat” by Nicholas Felix (aka Felix Wanostadt, a contemporary of Harry’s father, who was the greatest bowler of his generation as Felix one of the great batters. Since we had already seen this exhibit in London in the summer of 2010 we decided to take in both the Plaque Hall and the One for The Books exhibit of baseball records. My Dad took pictures of me next to the Pete Rose exhibit. He said it was pretty ironic that the greatest hitter in baseball can’t get into the hall of fame but they take advantage of his performance for one of their exhibits. He said it was like Newsweek taking advantage of Reagan to make him appear Obama’s mirror image.

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Anyway, it was fun. We had lunch at Tunicliffs which is in a basement and then went back to the museum to do some shopping for my friends.

This is Frederick and I am having fun.

Leaving the Hall of Fame.

One thought on “Our First Day on the Lake, Canadaroga That Is!

  1. Thank you for your account and also for bringing back my own childhood memories from growing up in that area. In addition to visiting the church of baseball, there are so many interesting local historic sites from the 17th and 18th centuries; hope you can see a few. Not too far away, but very interesting is the William Johnson/Molly Brandt house. A side of American history often forgotten.

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