A Sunday in The Cooperstown Area

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I am a little late with this post but we are having too much fun and adventure.

On Sunday, we drove down to Cooperstown and went to 11:30 am Mass at St. Mary‘s.  It was sort of a strange Mass in that the priest skipped the homily and the sign of peace.  But the choir and music were pretty good.

After Mass, we went to T. J.’s on Main Street for lunch and then walked up the street to the Hall of Fame Museum for the cricket exhibition.  That turned out to be pretty disappointing since we were expecting a game between college teams.  What we got was an ad hoc demonstration being held in the HoF‘s sculpture garden.  They drove a couple of stumps into the ground and had people trying their hand at bowling and batting.  As my Dad said, “that’s not cricket”.

After going to the bookstore and picking up “Baseball and Cricket” by Professor George Kirsch of Manhattan University.  He was on the roundtable discussion that we atteded the day before.

Then we walked back to where we parked the car and saw that there was a baseball game at Doublday Field.  I wanted to go and watch, so we sat behind home plate near the score board operator.  He showed me how to work the score board.  Later we moved over to the first base side so I could chase down a foul ball easier and sure enough one was hit over the seats into the parking lot and I got it.

After 6 innings we decided to go back home via Lake Ostego and the Fenimore Museum where we found a famous painting by Ralph Fasanella in the American Folk Art Section.  It is called “Night Game – Yankee Stadium”.  Mark Fasanella, Ralph’s son, who is a professor of art and architecture at the Southampton campus of Stony Brook University, installed my Dad’s exhibition in the summer of 2008 at the Southampton Historical Museum.  It is a neat folk art reflection of American sport especially baseball in the big city.  We also saw Edward Hick’s “Peaceable Kingdom”, a version with the poem written along the four borders.

Continuing up the Rt. 80 to Rt. 20 we turned toward Richfield Springs and came upon a funky little place called “The Petrified Creatures Museum” that I just had to see.  It had a number of wall displays outside of fossils recovered from the mud flats of 500 million years ago when the area was a big inland sea.  Now it is an area of shale and slate rock where you can still dig if you want.  In the park where plaster cast models of dinosaurs but I have seen better.

Finally, back at our cabin, my Mom and Dad and I played a little kick ball and watched the end of the ladies golf tournament and the Memorial.  Great day for American Golf with Lincicomme and Stricker winning.

This is Frederick and tomorrow we play it by ear.

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