Griffis, Fort Stanwix, The Rome Sentinel and Remington Arms

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Did I have a great day (yesterday, Wednesday, the 8th). We drove up to Rome from our cottage on the lake. We were going to go to the old Griffis AFB that had a B-52 SAC bomber squadron and a Buffer on display. My dad says buffer can stand for a number of things but for me it means “big ugly fat fellow”. It was a G model and it was BIG like HUGE.  It was the Mohawk Valley and belonged to the 416th Bomb Wing.  My Dad’s outfit was the 408th out of K. I. Sawyer.

Then we went into Rome central and there was Fort Stanwix which was there when the Revolutionary War broke out. There I had my Dad by me a Dummy Gun which is a wooden replica of a flintlock rifle. We then went into the old fort which withstood a long siege by the British during the war in 1777.  The American’s had the Oneida tribe of Indians as their allies but they were slaughtered in an ambush led by the British general St. Leger.  The fort was finally rescued from the siege by General Benedict Arnold, of the Continental Army, who would later become a traitor.

Next, we headed toward the Rome Sentinel, where someone my Dad blogs with showed us how you make a newspaper. You have reporters and editors on one side and the advertising people on the other side. One is reporting the news and the others are getting the money so they can report the news. Interesting. That is why my Dad buys local so the news can stay local.  Then we went downstairs to the rooms where they print the paper.  This is a very complicated process and hard for me to explain but the men know what they are doing and put out a newspaper every afternoon.  I can tell you it is noisey and you have to wear ear plugs.  When the paper comes off the press it is folded automatically and the men every now and then pick up one of the papers and look at the different pages to make sure it good to go.

We had lunch in a neat restaurant called “The Savoy”. There were pictures of great Air Force officers and soldiers on the walls.  Also, on the walls were pictures of famous people who used to come there to eat.  One of them on the wall was Alex Haley who wrote Roots but I don’t know what that is but my Dad says it was best selling book that became a TV series.  Hanging all over the dining rooms were pennants from colleges and universities around the United States – pretty neat.

After lunch we left to drive back to our cottage and since it was on the way we stopped in Ilion and visited the Remington Arms plant.  We were hoping for a tour to watch them make the famous guns they are known for but they don’t do them this year.  They did have a small museum which showed the history of Remington firearms and how Mr. Remington used his forge to make the first flintlock musket.

Now we are back in the cottage and last night we had a huge thunderstorm come through and cool off the area.  It was 94F in Rome and about 88 here, so that was a good thing.

This is Frederick and I am trying to catch up with all that has happened.  Next I am going to post about our trip last Tuesday to Howe Caverns.

See ya!

3 thoughts on “Griffis, Fort Stanwix, The Rome Sentinel and Remington Arms

  1. We are really enjoying your travels, Frederick. It is almost as if we are there with you! Enjoy! Love, Jonnie and Captain Don

  2. How fun to get to see a newspaper being printed. Very neat. I loved the Buffer pictures too. We had an old jet airplane in our county park where I grew up….not sure what kind it was. It was so fun to climb on & sit in the pilot seat. It still had the dials & wires in the cockpit. We worried that if we connected some of the wires the jet might start working again! Hah! (no chance of that because there was no engine!!)
    Have fun on the rest of your vacation!

  3. Frederick, a thorough and accurate reporting job. Good for you! Thank you for visiting our newspaper.


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