Howe Caverns and My First Fish

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We are still catching up to the travel blogging.  So here is one from Tuesday when we drove over to Howe Caverns.

Since it is always 52F inside the caverns we brought sweat shirts along as well as sturdy shoes for walking inside.  When we got there we had to wait 5 minutes for the next tour group to form and get a guide.  Our guide was Laura and she knew a lot about the cavern.  First we went inside this room where a talking mannequin of Lester Howe introduced us to how he discovered the caverns in 1842 and what to expect on our tour including a boat ride 200 feet below the surface.

We took an elevator down 154 feet and the guide would walk with us and explain all about the formation of stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones.  My first question was “are there any bats”? Yes, there are but you can’t see them since they get scared off by the first visitors and guides talking. We saw different formations and continued to walk on nice brick walkways with hand rails until we came to the “Chinese Pagoda”  which is really a “speleotherm” of calcite.  We walked down the cavern until we came to the Lake of Venus where we got on a boat which the guides used poles and their hands on the rocks to guide as down the water further (about 300 yards).  We came to the end where they have a chain over the entrance to a further length of tunnel they may open up in the future.

Then we turned around in our seats and went back to the place where we first got on the boats.  There was an older lady, like my grandmother, who needed help getting off the boat and she asked me to hold her purse while the guides helped her out.  We walked back to where we began but went a little further through “The Winding Way” a loop of S curves barely wide enough for you to pass through.

When we went back up to the surface, my Dad bought me a Caver’s helmet with light and some books on bats and minerals.  Then I got a chance to do some panning and I chose to pan for arrowheads.  I got about 7 arrowheads from the bag of panning dirt I was given.

When we returned home to our cottage we went fishing and I caught my first fish ever.  Living in Florida by the ocean, you would think I was a big time fisherman but I guess I like golf, tennis and soccer more.  But since I have my first fish I like that too.  But my Dad says I have to put the worms on the hook and take the fish off the hook from now on.

This is Frederick and I am still thinking about whether I want to fish any more.

See ya!

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