Getting Ready for Easter 2012

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Tomorrow, the 4th of April, I have a half day of school. My Mom and Dad are picking me up and we are heading out to Sylva, North Carolina, where we have small cabin in the mountains that we are staying at up until the 14th of April. My parents bid on it during our schools “gala” fund-raiser. It has an outside hot tub, and outdoors firepit and large porch where you can sit and watch the beautiful mountain scenery. It is 4,000 feet up in the mountains near The Great Smoky’s. We are going to ride the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, drive around looking for hiking trails that take us to waterfalls and maybe make a trip up to Asheville to visit the Biltmore estate. I am going to take lots of pictures and write about our stay there. I hope to learn a lot about the mountains and the special things that make it special.

On the way to Sylva, we are stopping off in Columbia, SC and staying at the Claussen Inn, in Five Points. It is housed in an old bakery. Next door is a great wine bar and restaurant that my Dad wants to eat in. It is called Cellar on Greene. The owner/chef has 3 beagles and we are getting a 13″ beagle after we return from North Carolina. His name is Bandit and he will be 8 weeks old when I get him. He is going to be mine responsbility and I think I am ready to handle that.

This is Frederick and tomorrow we begin another journey.

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