I-95, I-26 and Columbia, SC (plus a dirt road or two)

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My Dad and Mom picked me up at school at noon dismissal yesterday and we headed out for our Easter Break cabin in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  But first we are stopping in Columbia, South Carolina and staying at an old bakery that has been converted to a hotel – The Claussen Inn. My Mom made ham and cheese sandwichs so we could eat lunch on the way.  It was like having a picnic in the car.

After 2 hours we stopped for gas and a restroom break at a Chevron station off I-95 in Darien, Gerogia.  The restroom was yucky and when I went to wash my hands the sink and faucet were even worse.  I don’t recommend stopping there.  They didn’t even have iced coffee for my Dad. After we turned off on to I-26 west of Charleston, we made good time until we hit a long line of traffic.  The lady on my Dad’s GPS said there was a long traffic jam due to an incident.  She suggested we turn off onto US-176 which we did.

Soon, though, that road became clogged.  We noticed on the map there seemed to be a road off to the side that wrapped around US-176 and bypassed the traffic closer to Columbia. So, my Dad turned off but we couldn’t find the road.  Finally, after doubling back toward US-176 where we turned off we saw this unmarked dirt trail just big enough for our 4WD SUV.  We decided to take it, like my grandmother would say,”I haven’t been here before”.

It went through the woods for 3 miles and came out way ahead of the clogged traffic. Finally, we got back on I-26 and drove into Columbia.  It is a big city and is the home of the University of South Carolina.

We found the hotel and checked in.  As part of the Hotel is the restaurant, Cellar on Greene which is both a wine shop and a wine bar.  The food is really good.  I had Lobster Mac ‘N Cheese. We turned in early and we got up early for breakfast.  Today its a few hours more to the cabin.  I’ll try to post more pictures than I have so far.  Wordpress is not allowing me to post photos and keep the text.  Weird.

This is Frederick and this is Holy Thursday where the Bishops bless the holy oils.  Tomorrow is Good Friday and I will be remembering all Jesus did and died to save us all.

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