Mountain’s. Waterfalls, Trails and Friends

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Back at the City LIghts Bookshop and Cafe for their great food and wifi:) Today is Easter Sunday and we went to 11:00am Mass at St. Mary’s in Sylva. After we walked in, one of the ladies asked my Mom if she and I would like to present the gifts during the offeratory. So, as the collection was being taken, we slipped out of our pew to the rear of the church. I brought up the bread while my Mom brought up the wine. This is now a very special Easter Sunday for me.

Yesterday, one of my Mom’s friends from Atlantic College drove over from Asheville with his wife and sister to visit with us at the cabin. He is scientist and knows all about bugs, flowers and birds. He is a naturalist and works in bio-tech in the Research Triangle area. They were staying at a hotel in Asheville.

We made a spaghetti and garlic bread lunch then afterwards went for a walk up the mountain taking some old logging roads. We turned over logs and rocks to see how many bugs we could find and identify. All we saw were larvae, earthworms, butterflies and small tadpoles. We have a lot of birds including a woodpecker. The black-hooded chickadee and his partner fly around near the porch where the bird houses hang. They are looking to build a nest for their eggs.

The day before we drove down to Cashiers and over to Sapphire then down 281 to Whitewater Waterfall. Boy was that spectacular. I wish I could post video of it but WordPress is still not allowing me to do that.

After the waterfall we drove back to Cashiers for lunch and then drove home via Highlands up to Franklin and back to the cabin.

This is Frederick and I have Phil Mickleson to win the Masters. Go Phil!

One thought on “Mountain’s. Waterfalls, Trails and Friends

  1. Hello Frederick,

    I relly enjoy reading about you adventures in NC. I hope that your Mom is taking lots of pictures. CAPTAIN Don

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