Sunday in Antwerp and Paris in Two Days

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At Antwerpen Centraal Station - A Neo-Baroque Masterpiece

At Antwerpen Centraal Station – A Neo-Baroque Masterpiece

I am so far behind.  I have lost the post I wrote because our hotel WiFi was so slow and not always on.

On Sunday the end of August we went into Old Antwerp to go to Saturday Vigil mass at Onze-Lieve-Vrouw or Antwerpen Kathedraal.  It is a beautiful old church filled with paintings by the Old Masters like Peter Paul Ruebens and Antony Van Dyck.  It looked like I was the only kid there for mass but then I saw another boy and girl during communion.  They have graves in the floor from the 17th century.

Then we went to a restaurant called the Het Vermoeid Model where we climbed 4 flights of stairs to eat up on the rooftop next to the Kathedraal.  Then we walked around the Old City, its narrow streets, outside cafes and the Grote Markt with all the Guild houses facing the square.

The next day we drove into Antwerp to get the Thalys high speed train to Paris from Centraal Station, which is the most beautiful train station in the world.  Our train got us to Paris in time to meet my Godfather coming from London on the Eurostar.  We all took a taxi to our hotel on the Ile St. Louis just behind the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Our hotel was the Hotel St. Louis en L’Isle on Rue St. Louis near the walking bridge to Ile de La Cité, where Notre Dame is located.  We then had lunch at Cafe St. Regis, a small brasserie near the bridge where I had pancakes and my godmother put a 1 and 0 candle on them so we could have an early birthday celebration.

We walked over to Notre Dame where we went inside and toured the Cathedral.  It is really beautiful.  The stained glass windows are awesome.  It is celebrating 850 years this year.  My Dad got me a backpack with a book on the Cathedral.  I can’t wait to show my friends in Religion class.

We went back to our hotel so we could change for dinner aboard the Bateaux Mouche which is long glass house boat in which they give you dinner and take you on a cruise on the River Seine.  You go by Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, and other sites in Paris.  I took lots of photos which I will post later.

Today, the 2nd of September, we woke, had breakfast and headed out to the Louvre, which is a big museum where the Mona Lisa is hung and it used to be a palace for King Louis the 14th of France. We didn’t spend much time there since my Godmother needed to get back to the hotel to get a taxi to her train back to Bordeaux in the southwest of France.  So we walked around and then went out to the Jardin Tuillieres and crossed over to a street to catch a taxi back to the hotel.

We had lunch near our hotel and later caught a taxi back to Gare du Nord train station for the Thalys back to Antwerp where I am now.  Tomorrow we spend more time with my grandfather and then get ready  to head back to New York by plane on Wednesday.  My Dad and Mom have more business there than they had here.

So many photos to share, I am going to stop this as I arrive in Paris and then do another post on Paris.

This is Fredrerick and I am ready to come home.

Inside Antepen Kathedraal.

Inside Antepen Kathedraal.

Rubeun's The Cruxifictiion of Christ.

Rubeun’s The Cruxifictiion of Christ.

I light a candle for the departed.

I light a candle for the departed.

Antwerpen Kathedraal, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw (Our Beautiful Lady)

Antwerpen Kathedraal, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw (Our Beautiful Lady)

On the rooftops of Antwerp

On the rooftops of Antwerp

The Thalys to Paris arrives in Antwerp

The Thalys to Paris arrives in Antwerp

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