Rome by Mauro Lucentini

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Some have asked about the guide book I reference.

It is called “Rome” by Mauro, Paola, Eric and Jack Lucentini.  Mauro is in his 90’s and a very successful and prominent journalist.  Rome is his hometown, as he calls it.

The book is highly detailed in history, art, archaeology and customs.  It is not something you can stick in your back pocket and refer to during your walk.  You must read it before hand.  However, it is broke up into 5 different sections of exploration:

1.  Roma Romantica – 2 walks

2.  Ancient Rome – 2 walks

3.  Rome of the Popes – 2 walks

4.  Renaissance Rome – 2 walks

5.  Trastevre – 2 walks

There is also a section on “outside the walls”.

My Dad had to buy it online from Waterstones in the UK and have my uncle Jonathan bring it to Paris with him.  You can buy it on Amazon but they source it in the UK and it takes a long time to get to the USA.

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