Monday in Rome

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Today, I had a typical Belgian breakfast in Rome. It was a sandwich of ham and cheese, orange juice and another sandwich of ham only.  I wanted one of Nutella but the ham was really good.

After breakfast my Mom and Dad needed to do paperwork in the “arcade” which has a center for computers and a printer.  It also has a tabletop gamer with PacMan, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and 55 others.  I love to play PacMan and Donkey Kong since it was the games my Dad played but he doesn’t do so good with them anymore.

We left for the Colosseo or Colosseum of Rome and the Palantine and Forum.  It was awesome.  Here are some photos.  I am in a hurry to go to dinner so no captions.  Ciao!

IMG_3211IMG_3212IMG_3221IMG_3224IMG_3228IMG_3229IMG_3232This is Frederick and tomorrow we go to the Vatican Museum, pick up our tickets to the Papal Audience and pack for our Wednesday departure to Firenze but after our visit to St. Peter’s to hear Pope Francis.



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