Onward, Intrepid Traveller!

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My Dad did the headline.  I am no good at that stuff.

Our trip up from Florida was pretty neat.  They had a wine tasting for my Dad and Mom and I had a coke and some cheese cubes and broccoli.  I guess I will never be invited to President Bush‘s (the old one) dinner table since my Dad said he didn’t like broccoli.  Then we had early dinner in the dining car.  I had chicken nuggets and mac and cheese (you were expecting something else:).  Then we went back to the room and after awhile, My Mom and I went back to the lounge car to watch the movie “Gnomeo and Juliet” about competing families of garden gnomes who fall in love.  It was okay but not like Transformers or Cars.

I slept in the upper bed which I have always wanted to do.  It has a net you hook up to the ceiling so you don’t fall out.  The train moves around a lot but in a way it makes you sleep better.  When I woke up we went to breakfast of muffins, bagels, cereal, fruit and orange juice.  Then we found out we would be getting into Lorton early.  When we got back to the car my dad called up Google maps to see where we were exactly and found out we were approaching Turner Field at Quantico Marine Barracks where the Presidential Helicopter Squadron is based.  Sure enough we passed by the new operations and maintenance facility and saw a couple of the Boeing CH-46 Sea Knights but none of the familiar Sikorsky VH-60 “White Hawks” in Marine Green used by the President.

My Dad told me that the VH-60 can fold up its props to go on an Air Force C-5 and be taken anywhere in the world for the President.  Neat!

Then we arrived early in Lorton, go semi-lucky and go the car in like 20 minutes took off for Cooperstown on a long, long, long drive.  We stopped for lunch on the Deleware Turnpike outside of Wilmington and another time for a coffee and coke on I-476 in Pennsylvania.  Driving on I-81 from Binghampton we saw this car going to Cooperstown – my Dad said it was kids going to the Dream Park to play baseball.

We are now in our lakeside cottage on Lake Canadaroga in Richfield Springs.  We went to the store to get food and have had our dinner.  Now I am watching Pawn Stars.  I love that show.

This is Frederick and tomorrow I go to Cooperstown to meet America’s baseball heroes.

Little Leaguers on their way to Dream Park, Cooperstown

Our car for the trip north on Auto TrainReady to ride the rails.

Cooperstown, Here We Come!

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Pilot Briefing Room Onboard The Yorktown

We are out of school tomorrow at noon. End of my 2nd grade and what a great class it was. I had the best teacher in the whole world and the best friends as classmates.

When my Dad and Mom pick me up at school tomorrow we drive a little hour to Sanford for the Auto_Train up to Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, DC) then a 7 1/2 hour drive up to Cooperstown, NY where The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum are located. This is my first time to go there and I am really excited. Saturday and Sunday is Cricket Weekend and we plan on doing lots of the activities they have planned including watching the exhibition game on Sunday.

So, I will be posting lots of new posts on my journeys and exploring our great country including New York City, Washington, DC, Colonial Williamsburg and our drive back home with a stopover in Charleston.  You can bet that while in Charleston we will visit Patriots Point and the Yorktown.  I love that place and that ship.

Until then, this is Frederick and I am going on the All-American Summer Road Trip. See ya!