Back in the USA!

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Our plane from Brussels left around 1050am in the morning yesterday and we arrived here in New York at 12:50pm.  But it was really an 8 hour flight because of the 6 time zones we flew through.  My Dad says its easier to fly from East to West than West to East and I will wake up real early.  He was right, we were up at 4:45am this morning.

We spent tuesday night in the Sheraton hotel at the airport in Brussels so we didn’t have to fight the famous traffic from Antwerp to Brussels.

On the flight over, I did a lot of my schoolwork but I did watch a movie and some TV on the plane.  When we arrived in JFK airport we ran into a number  of rabbinical students back from Amsterdam. I am keeping a journal of encounters with religions and cultures and this picture will go into it.

Hasidic Jew Rabbinical Students at JFK

Hasidic Jew Rabbinical Students at JFK

We drove from JFK airport out to our home in Southampton, where my Dad and Mom are going to the Walker Cup at National Golf Links.  Last night at dinner at Red/Bar, we saw the European team come in for dinner.  I am spending a lot of time in the next few days finishing up my schoolwork.  My Dad will then let me go to Stevenson’s Toy Store in the village.

This is Frederick and I am back in the USA!

Multitasking - schoolwork and a movie

Multitasking – schoolwork and a movie